The Blank Canvas
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Paint or pub?
In December 2015, the morning after our old mates' annual get-together, I was having breakfast with my friend Judith Nesbitt at her house in Sussex. Judith was until her retirement Director of National and International Partnerships at the Tate. The conversation ranged widely over different topics as Judith explained with passion her work and current projects. Finally she said, "Of course, there's only one thing certain in art." "What's that?" I asked. She replied, "Every artist has to face a blank canvas. It's either paint or go down the pub."

On the drive home I became increasingly tickled by this idea. The result is these short conversations between artists and their pub landlords, homage to all those who have suffered a creative block and sought solace in drink.

There's a hidden game here for you, the reader. None of the artists' works is named explicitly. That's up to you 😉 Some are less obvious than others. If you're stuck there's a "cheat" button at the bottom of each artist's page.

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